Vandie Studios Ltd is a software development company started in order to solve social issues in fun and engaging ways. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

About us

Vandie Studios Ltd was started in 2016 by Michael Van Der Velden, originally to make a series of mobile games. After a while, he discovered that there were issues that Vandie Studios could attempt to solve. This led to him transitioning Vandie Studios Ltd into a software development company with the sole purpose of solving any issues we see in the world.

We are currently working on our first commercial product, Thanks™. A web based reward system, for use in schools, which is aimed to increase the amount of gratitude and sense of community within them. It is currently in alpha, being tested in The Studio School Liverpool, and coming along well.

To help us create Thanks™, we received a £500 grant from Awesome Liverpool. We have also have received space to work from both Lucid Games and now Angel Solutions.